Oak Street is a visual resource for hotel, retail and corporate clients specializing in custom design, fabrication and installation.

The unique placement and arrangement creates effective display presentations.
   -Window Display
   -Point of Purchase Display
   -Vitrine Display

We provide display kits for Hotel, Retail, Spa and Entertainment venues, from concept, design and fabrication to shipping to your outlets. These displays are well designed, simple to install and provide seasonal or quarterly interest.
   -Ledge Decor
   -Case Trim
   -Spa Elements
   -Restaurant Decor
   -Food & Beverage Displays

Our design is innovative, forthright and coordinated with the surrounding environment. Classic forms and shapes are combined with color, texture and layering to produce rich compositions and designs for various installation and application.
   -Display Design
   -Fixture Design
   -Table Top Design
   -Outdoor Installation

Graphics that are designed to support your visual image, including backdrops, signage and advertisements.

Production and Installation of Art exhibits and displays include curatorial, copy and placement.
   -Art Exhibits
   -Trade Show

Merchandising of fashion, hardline and giftwear lines for retail, hotel and corporate clients.

Design, production and installation of custom holiday decor programs are unique and in keeping with the surrounding environment.
   -Lobby Displays
   -Perimeter Decor
   -Restaurant Decor
   -Event Decor

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